Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

990 Words Feb 18th, 2016 4 Pages
A typical afternoon after school, my car pulled into the driveway. The air was cold and the sky was already dark. My phone buzzed with friends saying that they received their high school acceptance letters. I attended St. Andrew Apostle, a private middle school, and the norm was to also go to a private high school. Walking towards the mailbox outside, my phone kept buzzing. As I opened it, I immediately noticed three envelopes, two big and one small. Although I already knew what a small envelope meant, I still opened it hoping I was waitlisted. Sadly, Gonzaga College High School, my first pick, rejected me. Consumed by anger and sadness, I forgot of the two other envelopes. Since sixth grade, I wanted to attend Gonzaga for its prestige for academics and sports. The rejection hurt, and I went to bed feeling defeated. The next morning, the sun shining brightly, I picked myself up and finally opened the two other envelopes addressed to me. Both schools, DeMatha, my backup school, and St. Anselm’s, my second pick, accepted me. Although a private high school, DeMatha was more known for its excellence in arts, music, and sports rather than its academics. St. Anselm’s on the other hand (if people even knew it existed), was known for its rigorous academics rather than its sports, ranking in the lowest league in the area. Although I knew if I went to DeMatha I would have a greater chance to succeed in sports, specifically soccer, I wanted to go to a rigorous school where I…

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