Essay on Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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Before the show
The prospects were pleasantly surprised by how welcoming and seamless the transition into the theater was
The staff was very nice and helpful, and it was very easy to pick up our tickets and get to our seats.
I wasn 't terribly surprised my anything other than how smooth and welcoming the entire experience was.
Most thought the bar was sufficient, but a few praised the affordable and wide selection
I was surprised I could bring my drink in and happy about this… $5 beer is wonderful!! Bartender was helpful with making a beer choice and telling me about Ale Syndicate.
The selection the bar area had a good variety of options.

In the Show
Prospects were the most surprised by the intimate atmosphere of the theater where they could really engage with the material and the cast. This was energizing, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally engaging
This was more intimate than many of their larger shows I 've seen but not too small where I felt uncomfortable.
My expectations were met in that I found the theater to be fairly inviting and it felt like I had walked into a place where I was about to learn something new… Once I was in my seat, I felt that it was more intimate than I was expecting, and I really appreciated that.
Many expected an uptight or even stuffy performance. They were relieved by the not-too-serious vibe and content of the play
This experience was different because I was very taken aback and surprised. I didn 't expect the show to be so funny…

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