Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay example

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You and I both know that I always bombed at these self letters. I totally screwed up the one to Madison, for graduation, in 8th grade, but whatever. Today marks the end of the third day of school, you just started your junior year and are kind of terrified. I haven’t figured it out yet if it’s from the pressure of college, or just that you have to leave Bio-Med one day. I’m writing this 21:24, you’re into military time right now, not that you like it, more that you 're too lazy to change it back, and your mom’s car was stuck in it for too long. I don’t have anything structured to say, so I guess I will just dump everything out. Have fun reading this, or don’t it’s for a class, not out of sincerity, but I will try my best to be sincere. You’re 16 years old right now, it turned out to be a really boring age, nothing particularly exciting, definitely not what people made it out to be, but good nonetheless. You finally have your first girlfriend, and constantly ask yourself if you 're doing the right thing for her. Her name’s Bailey McKenna, just like your 7th and 8th grade art teacher. If you aren’t still in touch with Bailey you should look her up, maybe meet for coffee, talk about what life was like when you were 16. She was born 364 days after you, almost a year younger. You really do like her, but stopped expecting things from highschool relationships after you invested too much in Lukas, remember him? Lukas Darling, I’m still a bit salty about that one, so let 's not talk…

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