Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

855 Words Dec 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Once you’re born you only get one life, not everyone lives long enough to experience different things. Growing up I was told I wasn’t going to finish school, being told I won’t get nowhere in life without an education is heartbreaking. I was tired of the negativity so I came across this program called “Fresh Start” ran by Penn foster. I bet you’re wondering how I got into the program and what I’ve been through to get where I am now once you continue reading you’ll find out why. Everything happen back on 2009 October 26 to be exact. That day was the day my grandmother passed away from having cancer. It didn’t really hit me until a year later. Before she passed away we had plenty of good times, not just me and her, but as a whole family (immediate family). Me being young I enjoyed the late nights every night at the hospital on school nights. I saw my cousins everyday after school. My granddad and his friends were at our house everyday, they cooked on the grill sat around and talked. It was nice to have my grandmother around everyday seeing her smile and talk since she always lived in Tallahassee since I was young. Soon that came to a stop my grandma’s cancer gotten worse. One Monday morning my grandma starting crying because she was in major pain, she was yelling and screaming and that day is the day she went into a hospice. Eventually there wasn’t much to do besides pray and to wait patiently. After a week in the hospice she was pronounced dead. After I…

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