Essay about Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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Your day starts off early; you get up, get dressed and head to school. You begin your day with Math, followed by English, Science, and a Social Studies class. At the end of the day, while your brain slowly recovers from the information dump of notes, tests, and quizzes, you methodically put your belongings away. You’re in your last class of the day and you have a little over an hour before you get to go home. You patiently wait to get to your cubby, and then get out your instrument. As the class fills with excited chit-chat and the recounting of a funny joke told at lunch, you grab a stand and spread out your sheet music. As the class begins to file into their semi-circled rows your director steps up onto the podium and takes out their baton. With one delicate flick of the wrist, the room erupts in a cacophony of noise. Before long the internal instinct to balance the pyramid of sound and correct tone takes over. After the sound rounds out, basses providing a foundation and lulling woodwinds filling in the gap between octaves, you begin to self-tune. A nudge of this tube, pulling out that joint and voila! You’ve tuned your instrument. From there you warm up, preforming seemingly tedious remingtons and scale patterns. You then move into the main event, what you’ve looked forward to all day, the concert pieces. Before long your nailing phrase after phrase, but of course you are you’ve practiced too hard to hit those sixteenth note runs! As the pieces come to a close you begin…

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