Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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" Rebecca if you don 't make your reading goal, you 're going to fail." When I was around the fourth grade my love for reading was non existence; school had done that. Reading all those boring scientific reports and stories had gotten to me. I then thought reading was a chore. Then let 's add to the fact that there were those pointless reading goals we had to complete. No, thank you, it was required if you wanted to get a good grade and not get in trouble. My teacher at the time was Mrs. Vite. She was trying to get me to start reading for enjoyment again. The promises of cheap, plastic rainbow number charms did not work. Saying that this affected my grade, nope. I did not care if my grades were good or just pitiful.

In the middle of September with the standoff of Mrs. Vite and I not coming any closer to an end, she decided to take things to a new step by placing a book on the top of my desk to read during Silent Reading (S.R). I was not a happy camper to say the least. There laying on my desk was a paperback copy of a book. The front had a figure of a boy with black hair blowing in the wind. He was on a broom stick reaching his arm in the air trying to catch something. The spine of the book was held together with tape, the pages were the color of dandelion yellow.
Sitting down in the creaky metal chair, I just stared at it, giving the un animated object the death glare, hoping if I squinted at it enough the pages would suddenly burst into flames, of course, this did not…

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