Graduation Speech - Original Dance At Studio One Dance Company

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Girls stood, sweating, panting, as Mo yelled at them to continue. “You have 6 more laps to go, I wouldn’t be stopping if I were you!” A girl, legs shaking, collapsed onto the pavement and her face scraped against the black top. Mo yelled at the girls to keep going as he carried the injured girl inside. Another girl, her face pale, stopped running and vomited in the grass. 6 laps later, the girls were finished with their 15 laps around the building. But this was only the beginning of their stretching and conditioning class with Mo at Studio One Dance Company. The exasperated girls trudged inside to continue their class. “You know what to do,” sighed Mo as he turned up the music. Sit ups, jumping jacks, lunges, burpees, and v-sits were just a few of the countless activities that the class undertook. With only 7 minutes left in the class, the girls were relieved to be almost finished. However, Mo wouldn’t take it easy for the end of class. “You all think you can just rest for the end of class? Ha, time for a 7 minute plank. Get down. NOW!” The girls moaned as they all got to the ground. Many girls couldn’t hold their planks, their arms slipping on the accumulated puddles of sweat on the ground. 4 minutes through the plank Mo’s loud voice filled the room, “Rest, you got 30 seconds, then 3 more minutes. If anyone comes out of it, it’s an extra minute.” “3, 2, 1 and done.” An imaginary _____ seemed to ____ all the girls, the whole class falling out of their planks at…

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