Graduation Speech On The National Exams Essay

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Hey. Happy birthday! I hope you 've been having a great summer so far and it 'll be even better after your 17th! I kinda miss you and I 'm still hoping to get a text from you someday saying that we can give it another shot or start over but I 'm not expecting it. I really regret what I did. Everyday I regret it. I wish it didn 't happen. Good luck at GHP and with your subject SATs, and I already know you got a 5 on all your AP exams! I have no doubt that you will get a 5 on the national exams. I have complete faith in you. In the unlikely event that you don 't get a 5 just know that it 's okay and you shouldn 't stress.... Because it 'll be a 4 and that 's still pretty damn good. You are an amazing student (based on what I know) and this won 't define how good of a student you actually are. I 'm confident that you will get a 5. If those tests had eyes, they would be able to tell all of your characteristics immediately and give you a 5 anyway. I 'm an incredibly weird type of guy that always plans everything out so after our first date, I wrote this text that I planned on sending you after summer: "Caitlin:
I 've been practically counting the days until you got back. I 'm so happy that we can actually hang out again. I was thinking and I came to the conclusion that I really like you and I 'm not entirely sure if you feel the same way but I think we should be official and have a relationship. These past few months have been amazing with you. We hit a home run from the start…

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