Graduation Speech On The Campus Of North Carolina Central University ( Nccu )

713 Words Jan 21st, 2016 3 Pages
Through my cumulative experiences and opportunities for development on the campus of North Carolina Central University (NCCU), I have discerned that I find most meaning and purpose in supporting college students in their own learning and growth. In the field of Student Affairs, I will have the greatest opportunities to make significant, and positive impacts on students’ experiences and development, which ultimately will touch communities around the nation and world. For this reason, I aspire to begin my career in Student Affairs by learning the best practices of the field by obtaining an assistantship in Housing and Residential Life, or Leadership & Service, or Multicultural Student Organizations.
My experience in Residence Life started my first year at NCCU. My first leadership position within Residence Life was President of my Community Council. In that role I learned a lot about leadership, networking, and building new relationships. For the next two years I served as executive President of the Residence Hall Association (RHA). As President I changed the outlook of RHA, because I learned every Residence Life policy, disciplinary actions, and hiring approaches for staff and students. I was also able to build better relationships with neighboring RHAs, students, faculty and staff, local corporations to better the welfare of the organization, so we could have the tools to represent Residence Life to the best of our abilities. I also worked with Conference and Guest…

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