Essay on Graduation Speech On The Borough Of Queens

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Day one of my Gotham experience class and I was feeling very anxious for the day to start. I took the 7:45am train to Penn Station from Valley Stream, only because class starts at 9am and I needed to grab some breakfast and buy a metro card. I did not mind the class being pushed up to 9am-5pm, after day light savings it would become dark very early and we would not be able to see the awesome sites Mike and Brian would be taking us too. Today, we were going to explore the borough of Queens. The only experience I have had in Queens is going to Mets Game, other than that that is it. We met at the spot Mike said we were going to meet in Penn Station, and we took the E line to the Number 7 train. The Number 7 train was going to take us to the Willets Point-Shea Stadium stop in Corona, Queens. “The 7 train has been nicknamed the ‘International Express’ because its route takes passengers through some of the most ethnically diverse communities in North America” (ENY, 241). The train ride was a very long time because there was a lot of construction on some of the other tracks. It was probably around 45 minutes, I just recall being thankful I had a seat on the train, due to how long it was.
We all met on the bridge at Willets Point and then walked through Flushing Meadow Park. “Today Flushing Meadow Park continues to provide Queens residents with green space and recreational opportunities” (ENY, 243). We sat on the bleachers and Mike and Brian gave us a lecture on how the class was…

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