Graduation Speech On Students Need Teachers Essay

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Students need teachers in order to be successful. According to Alliance of Education over half a million teachers decide to leave teaching profession every year and costing the United States 2.2 billion (Haynes, 2014). New Teacher Center (NTC) a non-profit organization working all over the United States schools to form program that help with teacher effectiveness (Alliance for Education, 2014). The school districts and states are hit in the pocket, but teacher and students pay the hardest price, said Bob Wise, President of the Alliance for Excellent Education (Amos, 2014). Kopkowski (2008), mentioned the turnover rate is 17 percent nationally for teachers and the inner-city it goes up to 20 percent, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. The aim of the study is mentoring novice teachers is closely linked with job satisfaction and teacher remaining in the classroom. According to Watkins (2005) revealed that 29 percent of novice teachers will leave the profession after three years, and this goes up to 39 percent in five years. Watkins data were confirmed by (McCann and Johnnessen’s, 2005). Their results showed that beginning teachers are dissatisfied at high levels when their expectations do not match up to their new experiences. McCann and Johnnessen’s (2005) stated that classroom disruption, observations, enormous work, and mad parents cause excessive amounts of dissatisfaction leading teachers to quit the teaching field all…

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