Essay on Graduation Speech On School Jobs

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After school jobs are hard but most kids have one and with after school jobs comes a lot of responsibility. You still have to make sure you get all your school work done but still have time to work. Most parents would like to have their kid work but when only school is a priority. Usually when you get a job you need to give up time in your day or activity’s to just fit in school and work. So why is after school jobs such a great idea? School jobs are actually really good for some kids for the fact that it teaches them discipline. You have to be willing to give up something in the day just to get your work and school in those hours. Like for example giving up time on holidays, subway employees are supposed to work during holidays. You would have to give up vacation, are you willing enough to do that. You have to get up super early in the morning. Would you be discipline enough to wake yourself up that early? You have to be willing to give up certain things just because there isn’t enough day light for you to do all these things After school jobs also make you very independent. Tell me do you think there is not one kid in this world that does not want to be independent from their parents. You make your own money, you could buy anything you want without being told “no”. Kids want to feel like they are a step closer to becoming an adult. They crave the independence, they want to do their own thing. They want to go up to show you they are ready for the obstacle’s that will be…

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