Essay on Graduation Speech On Poor School Environments

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“Education is just starting to figure out what measurement actually means, five years ago we thought test scores were the answer to everything. We’re offering a way to focus on the right metrics.” said Aaron Feuer, Panorama’s co-founder and chief executive. Students spend most of the time with their teachers so why not have students grade their teachers. Studies show that poor school environments are strongly linked to poor test scores, low graduation rates, low attendance rates, and student disconnection. Poor school environments include low levels of teacher enjoyment, high rates of teacher departure and low academic expectations. The whole aspect of the environment is through our teachers. Teachers rub off on students if they 're not hard working or don’t take their job seriously. Students know the difference between a bad teacher and a good one. They know how much information they have learned and how the teacher has impacted their lives and sent them off in the world will life long skills. No one else knows if a teacher is effective or not the only people who know are the students the ones learning the information. If we start addressing the teachers by the teacher grading scale then we will start to see the inadequate teachers. Positive school environment include higher test scores, higher graduation rates, and attendance rates will start to change. Students should grade their teachers because students will feel as if they have a voice, understand that it’s not a…

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