Essay on Graduation Speech On Music Integration

756 Words May 13th, 2016 4 Pages
I have learned so much this semester about music integration. This course is very unique because it gave me the opportunity to learn the musical concepts and then teach what I learned to the students in PS.45. This really helped me be more confident and invested in the lessons I taught. I really enjoyed the fact that we incorporated a lot of visuals for students who are kinesthetic learners. We explored many ways to to engage students specifically, we learned about the importance of hands on materials/visuals. This class was also very unique because we learned many ways to incorporate music into different subject areas. Along with that we were informed about the benefits of music integration as well as the actual concepts. Specifically, the Integration and Musical Curriculum (chapter 9) lesson really helped me think critically about how to incorporate music into other subjects. This is something that I will utilize forever. I’m leaving this class with a lot of activities, inspiration, and ideas not only to incorporate music but also to be the best teacher I could be. This class helped me build my subject knowledge because each lesson built on each other. As the class learned each concept (from each chapter), the terms and concepts that we learned about the week before were needed to understand that chapters content. For example, when we learned about melody we needed to be able to remember what we learned about pitch and rhythm in order to be able to make connections.…

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