Graduation Speech On Higher Education Essays

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Trivia on Higher Education
One morning you wake up realizing that you want to be part of the 14 million students that currently are enrolled in a four-year College and Universities academic program. You are convince that is your ticket for your future economic prosperity, well that is part of the rules, right? Big investment, equal to a superb equity. However, what about those diverse occupations that offer an annual wages of over $50,000 without having a higher education, that means that I don’t have to persuade a higher education to get a good economic stability, anyway college cost much and who want to get stuck to a huge student debt. But wait a minute, keep in mind that the growth of some labor force sectors has increased the demands in low-skilled workers; as results, boosted their wages. No meaning that problem-solving, creativity, clear writing, oral expression and the ability to work in teams (imperative skills only acquired in a high academic level) are not valuable to be more competitive in the work industry. Sadly, devaluation on the importance of college education in our days has been raising doubts if higher education should be a prerequisite for prosperity.
Degree holders still showing increase earning potential over lifetime. Maybe you are in the stand position thinking, College education cost a lot of money and there is not guarantee you earning will be higher after graduation. Well, you are half-correct on those two facts. Nobody can sworn 100 percent…

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