Graduation Speech On College Students Essay

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College is a place of learning, growing, socializing, experiencing and much more. Often students can get caught up in the different opportunities and duties in college and pack into their schedule more then they can handle. If students are not careful this can cause them to have to sacrifice sleep in order to get all the work done that college demands of them. Many students end up sleep deprived and have trouble even falling asleep at night. College students who do not get adequate sleep should not do schoolwork after 10 p.m. because doing so will make it more difficult to fall asleep and can effects on one’s grades which can result in the need to study late in the night more often and further affect a student’s academic achievement.
Sleep-deprived college students doing homework past 10 p.m. will have a harder time falling asleep. Most school work requires a great deal of brain power to do and it makes it tough to sleep when one’s brain is working at such a fast pace. Doing schoolwork before 10 p.m. and allowing oneself an hour to relax can help prevent trouble falling asleep. Some students in college need to drink coffee to do homework late into the night; however, coffee has large amounts of caffeine that can prevent a student from falling asleep easily. If a student must do homework late, then doing some kind of physical activity such as, jumping jacks or push-ups may be a better alternative to coffee for keeping oneself awake. Because of deadlines or the complexity of…

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