Graduation Speech On Academic Benchmarks Essay example

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Academic Benchmarks
1. I will learn to follow a course syllabus. The purpose of a syllabus is to layout the semester’s work, in and outside the classroom, for the student by the professor. A syllabus contains basic information, such as course name, location, credit hours, instructor information, required texts, prerequisites, course description, and provides course purpose. Grading procedures, assignments, course policies, and participation credit are also included to inform the student how the professor will be grading them throughout the semester.
2. I will learn to fulfill course requirements. The course requirement tells the student what is required of them throughout the course, whether it be extra-curricular activities, such as labs or visits to the museum, or assignments that need completing before the end of the semester. When I got my syllabus for psychology, the professor immediately pointed out this section. The professor informed us that we needed three assignments completed before the end of the semester to not receive an INC grade.
3. I will learn to create a calendar of assignments. This will help me to organize my assignments since I take many courses. Not all the midterms or final assignments are due around the same time, so I must plan and my calendar allows me to do just that. In my anthropology course, different parts of the final project are due on different days throughout the semester. My calendar helps me focus on when each assignment for that…

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