Essay on Graduation Speech : Not For Success

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Scared for success
Do what makes you happy and choose where you wanna go, further your education you will need it.Getting more education than your average high school diploma or a set of skills is the key to be successful. It’s time to stop pushing all of our students to go to college, and instead push them towards the path that is right for them.(Jillian Gordon). There’s many students that go on to college when it is not for them and end up dropping out. Some believe that the associates will be equal to a high school diploma in the future and that the education you need to get a good job would require a higher form of education but what about the students that can 't afford a four year university. Forty-five percent will be in “middle skill” occupations, which require at least some postsecondary education and training, while 33% will be in high skilled occupations which a Bachelors degree or more is required. By contrast, only 22% of future job openings will be “low skill” and accessible to those with a high school diploma or less( what is college and career ready).Yes some people spend a lot of money on their education and expect a lot from it which they should expect it and know their field of study.The economy is getting tougher and making the jobs that just need a high school diploma harder to get. Now some jobs are requiring more than just your average high school classes reading, math etc. They require you to be able to analyze data and be able to translate it. To be…

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