Essay on Graduation Speech : North Carolina

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Imagine being a brand new elementary school teacher in North Carolina with a new degree, it’s the end of the year and you are stressed, but not just about your student’s test scores. You’re worried about if you’re going to be able to make your rent and pay your school loan this month. This is a harsh reality for many teachers in the state, and it’s beginning to affect students. North Carolina was recently ranked 50th in the nation for best and worst schools, being followed only by West Virginia. Teachers across the state cannot make ends meet, and are finally deciding to do something about it. Just last year, over one thousand teachers left North Carolina for teaching opportunities in other states. In a state where the beginning salary for a teacher is a little under 35k a year, and the most they could make is 50k, the reason for leaving is all too clear. North Carolina pays their starting teachers close to minimum wage, which is hardly enough to live on. Many teachers are being forced to moonlight in other jobs and work even more hours just to make ends meet. In doing this, teachers are devoting less time to their primary job and can harm their student’s own educational success. In order to quell this, I propose giving teacher’s larger raises starting out, and giving smaller raises as the teacher gains experience. This allows a teacher to get on their feet enough to pay basic living expenses without the idea of a second job. Many teachers do not receive larger…

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