Graduation Speech : National Honor Society Essay

1095 Words Sep 13th, 2015 null Page
At the first day of high school, I had always wanted to join as many organizations as I could, especially National Honor Society, because I want to make my high school life as memorable as possible. Furthermore, the white stole for graduation from National Honor Society was really tempting. However, as time passed, I knew that there was more than just a white stole in that organization. In my senior year of high school, I successfully joined National Honor Society with the goals of gaining knowledge, building trust with other members and officers, and actively getting involved with the club activities. For someone who does not want to be involved in anything in my junior high school, National Honor Society gave me a lot of happy memories.
National Honor Society, also called NHS, is a student organization/club of James Bowie High School at Arlington, Texas. Just like other student organizations, most of the activities of National Honor Society are community services. Yet, unlike any others organization, not anyone who wanted to get in this club can easily become its member. The members of NHS can only be juniors and seniors. Not only that, to be a member, I had to have not only good grades, but also proofs that I did or currently doing community services by turning in the application with the signature of the sponsors. The meetings were twice a month, every other Monday from 3pm to 5pm. Even though, attending the meetings were not required, they can give me the…

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