Graduation Speech : My Wedding Reception Essay

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Let me begin by saying Congratulations! I am so genuinely and sincerely so happy that you have Malik have found each other. May Allah always bless you two. I have waited some time to send you this email, because I did not want to to cause any sort of "drama" or cast even the slightest shadow on one of the happiest day(s) of your life.

However, I feel that out of respect for our friendship, I need to tell you that I am very sadden and deeply hurt that I was not invited to your wedding reception in Atlanta. Thus, the purpose of email is to ask why, but more importantly to ask if you were me what how would you react to/handle this sadness and hurt.

I know that our friendship will change (always does), when someone gets married. I would expect nothing less. However, in all my past experiences, every time one of my guy friends has gotten married, I have ended becoming really good friends with their wives (and in lot of cases even better friends than I was with their husbands). So, based on our friendship throughout the years and my past experience I 'm even more confused and hurt why you would not want to me to share in one the happiest days of your life.

Perhaps, it was that:
You had to limit the guest list (due to space and costs) and I got cut.
We were never as good friends as I thought we were.
You wanted to stack the odds in your sister (and single female family members) favor given the amount of eligible bachelors that would be in attendance.
You would…

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