Graduation Speech : My Volunteer Shirt Essay

2120 Words Dec 14th, 2015 9 Pages
As I walked into the Santa Monica Boys And Girls Club (SMBGC) for the first time, it was lunch hour. I noticed many kids, roughly between the ages of six to sixteen, jumping around, laughing, eating, and talking to Charnelle Ruff, the education coordinator. I tried to approach Charnelle to greet her and ask for my volunteer shirt through the diversely populated crowd of children that I would be interacting with for the next few weeks. However, getting ahold of Charnelle was not as easy as I thought it would be. Children kept coming up to her constantly, some with complaints about their mates, some who wanted her to open their lunch and some who just wanted a hug. This is when I noticed something very crucial about the environment of the SMBGC. The bond Charnelle had with the children contributed to the greater aspect of the strong community. The employees, volunteers and the services provided at SMBGB foster a nurturing and healthy environment, but like every community, there are some issues that hinder the progress of the SMBGC as a wholesome, successful community. (SMBGC) The SMBGC, located in the heart of Santa Monica, just a few blocks away from the Pier, captured my interest very initially because of its name. SMBGC attracted me because of its vibrant location and its nurturing goal. Charnelle spoke a little about the SMBGC during our class time. I felt inspired and did some further research on my own about the ideology and environment of this organization.…

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