Graduation Speech : My Vocation Day Essay

709 Words Jul 26th, 2016 3 Pages
My nonconformity day begun early, as I had to pass the exams on the courses with my group. During the whole week, I have been living with my grandmother, who cannot walk due to illness and with my cat, while parents have left for the seaside. Thus, at home I have little communication, while external word is full of it. As I am living in my parents’ house now, this week is poor for vivid communication and interactions.
When I woke up, I was alone in the house as usual, so it did not take much effort to remain uninfluenced. I have immediately recalled that that day was a non-conformity day, so I tried to behave as freely as possible. I turned the music on and was dancing instead of morning exercising, which made me feel free as nobody but cat was watching. After a shower I had to wash my teeth and found that parents have bough a new dentifrice as they disapprove the previous one. Instead of washing my teeth with fine dentifrice, I used it of a lower quality. I also did not like the previous dentifrice, and experience of washing my teeth with it made me think that sometimes society offers things of high quality, when nonconformity requires refusing to use them. I also though that intentional confronting to commonly accepted behaviors means high dependence on this society. Though Imhoff and Erb found that people with high need for uniqueness yielded less for majority influence (2009, p. 309), actions that underline one’s uniqueness demonstrate one’s desire to provoke strong…

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