Essay Graduation Speech : My Teacher

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In the fifth grade my teacher introduced me to the value of being prepared. Since then I have been step ahead of many of my peers by preparing before class, being punctual, and staying engaged. I attribute most of my success to hard work and those three simple steps. According to my mother, that was also the year I first said I wanted to be a doctor. At the time, I did not really understand how it would happen, but I knew I was going to do something big with my education. My achievements in elementary school propelled me into the Gifted and Talented Education Program. I can still remember many lessons from those years; those were the years I fell in love with science. My parents also rewarded curiosity and thoughtfulness at home. Earning quarters for learning new words, calculating tax in my head while shopping with my mother, and rainy days building miniature boats with my father are some of the fond memories I have of lessons from my parents. They never had to remind me to do my homework or drag me to school; I was energetic and self-motivated.
I attended a magnet high school that took me through certification programs similar to having a college major. My teachers were incredible and they pushed me hard to prepare for college. My public speaking skills earned me a spot on the mock trial team where I was the highest scoring attorney for two years. Oral presentations have been a skill of mine for many years and being able to effectively communicate my ideas has helped me…

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