Essay on Graduation Speech : My Teacher, Junior High, And High School

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There are many subjects that I have excelled throughout my elementary, junior high, and high school. These three subjects that I have excelled in would be math, English, and science. My elementary years, it was pretty simple to me after having one amazing teacher that was very patient with me. My junior high year, it was a whole new other level. This time, equations had letters inside of them. Though, I got the hang of it and it just soon became my favorite subject. My high school year, my teacher was always busy with many other students from his other classes. I had to actually read the instructions and look very closely at all the examples inside the text book.
My second subject I have excelled in is English. In elementary, I did not have a problem with my English subject. I loved to help edit other students’ essays. We even exchanged with essays with different students at different schools. In junior high, I had a very strict English teacher. She was very terrifying to me so I always did my best to listen to her no matter what. I was too afraid to talk to other students while we were working because she would give a whole lecture about how much time we were wasting when all we wanted to do was ask at least a small simple question. In high school, I had a wonderful teacher who taught us all so calmly. She would always throw a joke in teaching every here and there and just simply made English class much fun. Except, I was in an honors English class so I could challenge…

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