Essay on Graduation Speech : My Speech

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When I was in sixth grade, my teacher told me I am great at presentation. I got a 100 for my social studies presentation and I was really content. I love showing the class my glitzy yet genuinely informative PowerPoint slides to my peers, to show them my hard work and time devoted to each assignment.

I loved having presentation. I loved to be on stage and in the limelight. Ten years of practice for one minute on the stage. I 'm never a slacker for projects that will leave my mouth wide open or stutter like a prisoner in the interrogation room. I spend time researching, googling, emailing teachers. I devote my time to every single presentation, and I always succeed - not condescendingly, but with dignity and respect. However, I 'm not the President of the United States, even the most powerful man in the world makes mistakes in speeches. Don 't mistaken me, I did not slack. Instead, I forgot something, or I shall say I never learned something - the essence of presentation, it is a form of communication. The most effective presentation, is to conduct it akin to a conversation.

I met Ms. Turturro in my English class in tenth grade. She 's sweet, nice and amiable, yet, she 's straight, assertive and outspoken. We became friends after I become an alumni and offered me some great recommendations. When she gave the class the first assignment, she slit open my eyes to a much bigger horizon. Each of us was assigned to do a presentation on a sci-fi movie that we loved and we have to…

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