Graduation Speech : My Senior Year Essay

1080 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
The situation I encountered is an experience I will not forget. Today it feels as if it was just yesterday, I went to Haines city high school. I attended the school all four years; I wouldn’t say I was a bad student. I always attended school but when it came to getting serious in class, I took it as a joke back then, I took everything as a joke, life hadn’t hit me yet, I was dumb and I didn’t realize at the time what consequences my actions would have.

For example, senior year, I was eighteen at the time turning nineteen and most students would take senior year as crunch time to get everything done. I had three years of make-up work to do I barley passed any of my classes my senior year I wasn’t even considered a senior due to the fact that I didn’t have the credits required to be a senior. I was down by two credits. I was considered a junior my senior year, once I found that out it completely destroyed me from that point on I didn’t even care about school. Instead of getting my things together, I just went the total opposite. I didn’t do any work in class and when I would do assignments I would be like as if the sky was to fall like Chicken Little. I think when I started doing my work was about a month into school almost ending I didn’t stay like I was supposed to since I was a junior. I left with the seniors; I didn’t go back to school after that. I began to work full time at my current job at Bill Houkes Auctions. I started to have trouble getting to work because…

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