Essay on Graduation Speech : My Peer Group

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In the 8th grade, my peer group expanded to a crowd of classmates, of a minimum of 15-20 students at any given time. During this time, I saw myself beginning to develop a sense of self, and starting to take on positive qualities of the other people around me. Around this time my relationship with school began to change because as my peer group excelled academically, I did not, but I slowly began to see myself make strides in do better, but I still felt my special education inhibited me from improving (Broderick & Blewitt , The Life Span p. 371). For middle School I attended New York City Lab School For Collaborative studies, which also had a high school, which most students made the transition to, unless specialized high schools were an option for that person. That was not the case for me, but it was so for many of my the people in my peer arena from 8th grade, thus leaving me in a limbo. A handful of the people from my peer arena remained at the school and we all continued to make very close ties with each other. I became very close to this one girl, who in hindsight was manipulative and perpetuated my sense of foreclosure at this time. This girl and I became very close friends, but she manipulated me into believing she was my only friend and other would not want to affiliate with me because of my special education status. For years I committed to this particular friendship without exploring other friendships, and I had committed to the idea that as special education child,…

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