Essay on Graduation Speech : My Parents

1226 Words Nov 24th, 2015 null Page
Neither one of my parents went to college after they graduated because they decided to get married and live their lives the way they wanted to since they did not like going to school. That worked for them then, but now, twenty-five years later, with the growing population and the economic situation that our world has begun to face, they have a hard time getting by. Within the past few months my father, at age 48, obtained his certified welding inspector’s license, and he now works at Exxon in Baytown. My mother, who’s just a few years younger, is working on getting her phlebotomy license. Both of my astonishing parents have pushed me to do well in school and to take college classes because they do not want me to be in the position they are in today. Every day I see the struggles that my parents face with trying to get a job and make a living to support my sister and I, and that is just more motivation to want to do more with my future. Pursuing a higher education would greatly minimize the possibility of struggling to find a job, help me to be financially independent, and in return it would fulfill mine and my parent’s long term goals for my future.
Considering this assertion, it is obvious to say that without a job, you cannot survive in the world that we live in today. Most people that drop out of high school or do not go to college run into the struggle of trying to find someone to higher them. Thus, explaining further of why I want to extend my education. PBS sponsors…

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