Essay on Graduation Speech : My Parents For Giving Me

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First of all, I would like to thank my parents for giving me the chance to enroll in this class. I would like to thank them for the financial and supportive help in terms of my education. I would also like to thank my siblings, for my sister that helped me relieve stress after writing essays. Also for my brother for giving me a distraction from pressure by calling me and texting me sometimes when he is bored. Thank you James for getting me those extra points in the group quizzes by being competitive and quick witted. Thank you for watching Snowden with me that I know made you paranoid about your laptop camera. Thank you for lending your laptop that I would not be a able to finish if you did not. Thank you for giving your best in the film debate where we almost got perfect scores. Thank you for giving me opinions on my bad essays and help me with feedbacks. Thank you for always be there by my side to support me. Thank you for Angus and Joan for being the first friends in the class. Thank you for the film debate team: James, Bruce, Maya, Lucas, and Bobby. It was a really fun thing to do and was one of my first experience in debating. Thank you for presentation team: Joan, Ken, Wu Qing for the great ideas. Introduction

A culture in Indonesia states that the more children you have, the more blessings you have. This is what people used to think, maybe because they justify themselves for having a lot of children. As there is no technology, the only…

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