Graduation Speech : My Life Essay

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Throughout my high school days I had always seen myself as the girl that would go into college as soon as I graduated. That was how I was raised to think that right as you graduate the only proper thing to do is to enroll in college and spent the next four years of my life working hard to start my life. Sounds enticing right?. As my young nieve self I didn’t know any better, and simply listened to the words of my father “Work hard now so you don’t have to later”. With those words doing laps in my mind I just knew that I would start in college as soon as possible. However; as time progressed and graduation was right around the corner reality hit me like a ton of bricks. After losing my mother things got real hard in the Eix household. Due to economic misfortunes my father lost his job that had paid for all that we owned for so many years. In a desperate attempt to keep what we had my father packed up what little could fit in the back of a 2012 Chevy Silverado, and move my brother and I crossed the country to Texas where a job was waiting with open arms. We were living in a motel for two weeks my brother and I whilst; my father went of to training in his new job and so it began. Being the oldest I had a whole new set of responsibilities, such as; finding a place form my family to live, enrolling my brother and I in school, and caring for my father when he got back from a grueling day at work. With all of these new responsibilities came a great deal of stress my only…

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