Graduation Speech : My Life Essay example

783 Words Mar 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Everything I want to do and get in my life requires me to have an education and get through college and achieve my degrees. I want to become a pharmacist, have nice things, and build a family in the process. I don’t want to have to struggle all my life, and not have to go check to check to meet ends meet. I want to provide for my kids, and get them the stuff I couldn’t throughout my lifetime. I would like to have a nice comfortable house for me and my family. So far I have graduated high school from West Jefferson High School, and my next challenge is graduating from Delgado Community College with my Associate’s Degree in General Studies. I want to receive my general studies just in case I want to go back to school and achieve something else or have a different career. I chose to attend Delgado because it is not that far from my house, and I was not mentally ready to go to a university yet. I just want to get my general studies out the way first. After I graduate from Delgado with my Associates Degree I want to attend a Xavier University and major in pharmaceuticals. Xavier is one of the best pharmacy schools in Louisiana. Xavier is also close to my house. For college I did not want to live in a dorm room, and be far away from home. I love my mother’s and grandmother’s cooking, and if I moved into a dorm room I wouldn’t be able to eat it because I would live too far away. I am never going to drop out of school for any reason because I have to achieve my goals. When I was…

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