Graduation Speech : My Life Essay

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On the morning of August 02, 2002, I received the worst news in my life; my mother had passed away. With deep grief that surfaced to my heart just spiraling out of control with disbelief and pain, I broke down to tears. As days passed, one of the things that came into mind was the promise I made to my mother in getting a life career. By going to college, I was able to fulfill the promise I had made.

After her death, my father stepped back in my life and school became a struggle. Unlike my mother, he was not encouraging or provided the things needed for school and that also included clean clothing. No matter how interested I was in the class or the assignments, I was unable to complete them. Embarrassed by the lack of materials, I grew tired of asking students to let me get or borrow their items so my grades started decreasing. The fact my clothes were never wash when needed for school, I was always absent. These problems continued all throughout my school year which landed me in an alternative schools for troubled kids by 2004. Unhappy about being depicted as those youths who attend there, I made a change by getting a job to provided what I needed to prosper in school. My senior year of 2007, I overcame varies difficulties and was able to catch up with my peers, with a high GPA level of 3.7. Still holding to my promise, I graduated high school and sign up to Palm Beach State College. After taking the college placement test, I scored a college level needed, ready to…

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