Graduation Speech : My Life Essay

1101 Words Sep 3rd, 2015 null Page
My life Any special event can change your life. For example each one who marry. They lives change for many thing like to take responsible for children. Each person always search for happy live without any issues. On August 2014 was my wedding. I married in my country. I started new life with everything new like home, car, and cloths. Starting new life change me many ways such as I took a big responsibility, I became father, and I take care for another person not only my own life. Responsibility is first change in my life. Before I married I did not have many responsibility. I just have responsibility for my food and my school. However, after I married, I started to take a big responsibility for my family. I started to study hard to get a good job after I graduate from university. Because after I graduate I will spend money to my family. Like I get a good place to live, a healthy food, pay money for my kids school, and pay for hospital when someone of my family ill. Another thing, in my family each one of them like go to favorite please who like it, and I should pick up them to their pleases and pay for them. For example, my wife like go to shopping, and I go to with her each month to mall for shopping. Also, I should be ready for anytime when my family have emergency. For example, in summer classes, my phone cannot came silent and I cannot go out home and my phone out of serves. Because, hospital for my son need me anytime. One of days, they called me around 2:00 p.m. to…

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