Graduation Speech : My Life Essay

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Four years ago, I found myself beaming out at the audience at my high school graduation, standing before my friends and family, and accepted the slip of paper I’d been working so hard for the last four years - my high school diploma. As I walked off the stage, I felt almost overwhelming joy at the thought of heading off to the next chapter of my life - college. Growing up I have faced many challenges, from the difficulties of growing up as a young African American man, to coming to terms with my own sexuality throughout high school. I primarily attribute my successes to my mother, an educator herself, who always inspired a culture of learning in my home.

I never anticipated finding myself watching those friends who I once shared a stage with, now all graduating college without me. My younger self fully expected to be up on the stage with them, smiling out at my friends and family, once again a piece of paper in hand. When I started college, my plan was to go to community college and transfer in two years. As time went on my attention was demanded more in areas outside of school. Yes, I will say my path diverged from my high school classmates’ years ago but I do not regret the decisions I’ve made over the last 4 years or how I’ve spent time away from scholarly pursuits. I believe my unique experience in the workforce and college would make me an excellent addition to your university.

After graduating from high school in June of 2011, I moved on to Essex County College to…

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