Graduation Speech : My Life Essay examples

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Ever since I was young, I have desired to travel overseas and learn about other cultures. While growing up, my family was always moving due to my father’s job. We have lived in different provinces and states experiencing subcultures of the United States and Canada that expanded my worldview. I desire to study abroad in order to further expand my perspective of others in different cultures and how they function. I hope that through my trip I will be stretched mentally and emotionally causing me to grow and become a better person. I am applying for the Gilman Scholarship so that I can participate in the Houghton in Tanzania program. I am currently a majoring in music with a concentration in Intercultural studies. In completing this program, I will be able to complete the necessary requirements for my concentration. This scholarship would provide me with the funds to be able to participate in the program as well as create less debt when I graduate from college. I would be able to concentrate more on my academic and personal goals instead of having to agonize over trying to pay off student loans.
One of my goals is to combine music with intercultural studies by studying Ethnomusicology. Music is a communication tool to bring many people of different backgrounds together. Through studying in Tanzania I hope to see the impact that music has on the culture, and use it in my future research for ethnomusicology. Globalization has caused many nations to lose their unique musical…

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