Graduation Speech : My Life Essay

1108 Words Sep 7th, 2015 null Page
February 6, 2015 will always be a significant day in my life. It was a Friday, and it was also the day my aunt Pam lost her life to a tough battle with multiple different types of cancer. It was heartbreaking news, and all I wanted to do after finding out was go lay in my bed and cry. However, that 's not what happened, and the day was long from being over. It was a sunny, somewhat chilly Friday afternoon, and I was supposed to be dismissed early from my 7th period class to board the basketball bus. We were headed to Newton, who beat us by 9 earlier in the season, for a redemption game. All day at school, my stomach did flips and my feet wouldn 't stop tapping as anticipation and excitement built. “Paige, you 're dismissed. Good luck tonight,” my spanish teacher Mrs.Clark announced. I hurried out of the classroom and grabbed my basketball bag from my car. As I grabbed my iPhone out of my pocket to check the time, I saw a text from my mom. “Call me as soon as you can,” I read aloud to myself. Immediately my heart sped up and my stomach flips from earlier returned, but were multiplied by a hundred. This time it was pure fear instead of excitement. I knew right after reading it, it would be an update on my aunt Pam. About six months prior to this, my aunt went in for a check up after some strange occurrences with her body began happening. A couple days of testing later, it became known that Pam had cancer spots in her lungs, liver, bones, and brain. The doctors tried…

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