Essay on Graduation Speech : My Life After College

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When someone is a child, seeing a person who he or she knows that did something that might seem impossible for them is life changing. It’s like the area is filled with hope, and excitement. The voices of others fade, and nothing but joy shakes through that young mind. That was me. The person was my mom’s friend graduating with a college degree at the University of Houston. I didn’t fully understand what a college degree was, or how I even could receive one. Yet, my mind was set that I would be in her shoes at the same college, with the same type of robe, and the same smile on my face. From understanding over time, I know that I want to continue my education career in college, which major I want to pursue, and what I want to do with my life after college.
My parents were not able to fully carry out their education. Both of my parents came from poor backgrounds because they didn’t have the opportunity, I want to take advantage of the chance I have to carry out my education to a higher level. Not only do I want to earn a higher level of education, but I want to be a role model to any younger family members. I want to show that even if you had no one in your immediate family who has completed a higher level of education, that you still can do it. I also hope that they will apply this to their hopes, dreams, and daily life. This is what college is meant to be. It inspires dreams. I wish to help build my family step by step in accomplishing their dreams, education, persistence,…

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