Graduation Speech : My Grandmother Essay example

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June 24, 2013, the day my grandmother died for stomach cancer. My grandmother was a wonderful person. She was funny, sweet, kind, little blunt but overall loved you for you. One thing she wished for all of her grandkids was that all of us would go to college. When my mom told me that my grandma wished we would go to college it made my motivation to go to college even stronger. I’ve seen first-hand what not going to college can do to a family financially. What it can do to someone with their job. Sometimes they find a job they love, but that’s only doing multiple jobs that they have hated. My parents are both lucky to have found a job they love so very much. But my mom went through jobs that she did not like at all. Furthering my education will help me so much in my life. And furthering education won’t only help me but help others. There are so many careers out there that can be easily met with a college education. College, that one word can make someone tremble of fear. What if I’m not smart enough? What if I can’t get in? What school should I go to? There are so many different schools to choose from. There are public schools, private schools, religious, non-religious, in-state, out-of-state, community college, technical school, international schools, and military. Choosing the perfect one can be difficult. But you can make it easier by process of elimination. Find out the pros and cons. Think to yourself, what can this school provide for me and my education? Although Idaho…

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