Graduation Speech : My Goals Essays

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my goals in a stage of my life my goals were dreams, since I was little I always had aspirations always had a goal. I always thought that I would be a singer one day, wanted to be a doctor or a model had many dreams in mind. I was a girl who believed in me, I had many goals that then dreamed about being in those potions. From an early age I knew I should do something great had things to do, many adults saw growing up and many were like my mentors, made me believe more in me. At school It was always the typical question, what we want to be when we grow up? and all were beginning to respond quickly, being honest to me I use to love it, It was the most important question, for me the most desired and as we all were focusing on that topic. We all came one day all dress like professionals, we all dressed and I was dressed as a doctor who sang my mother say that I was always special and unique. My dreams my imagination were so great, what I called dreams now I can call my goals when I was little.It is very nice to know that a person from childhood has a goal, a dream and now everything has changed , many still have other goals , even we and everyone goes their way others follow their goals and others forget .All of us arrived with a purpose to the world , we all have a purpose that can assimilate God 's purpose with a goal because it is the whole of everything in our lives , Without him I can not do anything. All my goals begin with him , I still have a lot to achieve , like a…

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