Graduation Speech : My Goals Essay

752 Words Feb 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
My life goals are to complete my Graduate Program in School Psychology; this would lead me to fulfill my second goal, which is to become an independent individual who can be economically self-supporting and self-sufficient doing something that I enjoy and, in the meantime, helping the young generation. My third goal is to have a family of my own with a husband who is caring and devoted to his family. My first goal, at this time, is the most important one for me because this one can lead to other goals being accomplished or realized in the future and it is the one that I have the most control over. This goal moves me into a state of flow because it is a goal that I am focused on since I first entered FIU. I knew that, no matter what my degree was, a Graduate Program was the next logical course of action in my educational pathway. I am involved in my school work and I have never needed any external rewards or gratification to continue on my pathways. My gratification is my own work, and the knowledge that I have gained by attending FIU and being able to complete my courses. The gratification that I gain by working with children is something that I have always enjoyed. I work in ASC programs and I have always enjoyed helping students who do not have the capacity to work at the same level as other students. Seeing these students read more fluently and with more comprehension by the end of a few weeks after I have worked with them on a regular basis is a thrilling event.…

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