Graduation Speech : My Future Essay

1196 Words May 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
"Dear Past, Thanks for all the lessons......Dear Future, I 'm ready......" Future, a time or period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come. In the world every individual is guaranteed a ticket to their own future no matter what that may be. Some people prefer to wait last minute to decide what they are going to make with their lives, you know the "just go with the flow" method. Meanwhile, for some including myself, I began thinking about what I wanted my future to be since I was in sixth grade. The preparation I 'm doing right now at a young age in my life, is what will lead me to my future. Whether that may be just after high school, five years from now, maybe even twenty. Everything I 'm doing now is an important to the aspects that will lead to my future. I 'm not a live in the moment type of person because I believe what decisions and steps I make in my life are what is going to determine my future. Preparing for your future shouldn 't be a last minute thing. You should be doing things now that will benefit from it later. As a junior in high school, even though technically I 'm going to be a senior in about a week, just throwing that out there:), I still have many decisions and steps I have to make now for my future. Today is May 20th, 2016, two days ago on the 18th I made a big decision in my life and for my future to swear into the United States Marine Corp. I have wanted to join the Marine Corp since I was in sixth…

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