Graduation Speech : My Future Goals Essay

718 Words Apr 25th, 2016 3 Pages
My future goals are: to graduate from a four year university, become a history or language arts teacher ,and write a few series as a creative writer. I’ve always wanted to write stories as a child, and my mind has been teeming with all sorts of ideas for stories that just need to be put on paper. For teaching, at first I wasn’t interested in it because there wasn’t much out of being a teacher but, when I was later taught by some of the best and caring teachers that taught us both about life and our course, I was inspired to reconsider and possibly be a teacher myself. Graduating from a four year university gives me more knowledge for my future goals. Graduating from a four year university would give me a boost in skills necessary or helpful for my career choices. The O’Melveny Scholarship Award will mean a lot as it will help cover some of the money required for tuition at colleges, allowing me to reach my goals a little more easier than without the scholarship. In summary, getting the O 'Melveny Scholarship award would lessen the burden of reaching my future goals.

The reason I want to be an author and a teacher is that, as an author you can express yourself and your ideas freely to anyone that wishes to read it, while as a teacher you can teach your students so much more than what the course requires. I love writing because you can just freeflow for a while and then, after a while come up with something you can either continue or discard. I’d also love to teach students…

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