Graduation Speech : My Future Career Goals Essay

733 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
After attending Northern Illinois University for a year and a half, this is the first time I have attended any of the fairs. I must say, that this experience opened my eyes to a lot of different things regarding my future career goals. In my paper, I will be discussing the fair that I attended, what I learned about job searching from this experience, how I will apply this experience to my future career goals, how this experience will shape my future internship and/or career path, and finally my overall thoughts of the fair.

Job Fair
The fair that I attended was the job fair, I decided to attend this fair for two reasons. The first reason is because I wanted to look for a second job during the summer and next year. I know for our assignment we were supposed to speak to jobs that are in our major area. Which I did, but I also decided to talk to employers that were offering part-time positions for the summer and next year, seeing that I will be taking a year off from school I want to try to save up as much money as I can in case I get accepted into the master’s program that I will be applying to. There was an employer from First National Bank that I spoke to about part-time positions. I admit that I did not do a lot of research before talking to this employer because I wasn’t not expecting to talk to them. However, I am glad I did approach them because the company did have part-time positions available and flexible scheduling for students. The employer asked me a…

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