Graduation Speech : My Friend With The Needy And Underserved People Of Her Community

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Growing up, I saw my pediatrician cousin working with the needy and underserved people of her community. I saw her gaining immense respect in the community, as well the personal satisfaction of being able to make a real difference; because of this, going to medical school was my dream choice. Through hard work, I was able to attend one of the best colleges in Maharashtra state of India. After, I returned to my community to do my internship. This was one of the best decisions I made. Most of my classmates decided to find a hospital which would allow them to concentrate more on residency entrance exams instead of focusing on practical patient care. I wanted to do my internship at a place where I can learn from practical training and through real life interaction. I joined a Maharashtra state owned district hospital which provided me exposure to patients and conditions from all over the district. The internship experience enriched my thinking, knowledge, and personality in many ways. At the end of my internship, I took my entrance exam and was offered a residency in Anatomy.
Internal medicine had drawn my curiosity and attention right from the start of my internship. I feel it is one of the most complete sub-specialties. It starts with the patient’s complaint, continues to information gathering, diagnosing, and prescribing medicines until the illness is resolved. Even the smallest detail counts in the final differential diagnosis and cannot be overlooked. It is amazing how…

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