Essay on Graduation Speech : My First Year

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Never in my entire time as a student have I learned and exercised my English skills as I have this year. Every other year in high school it was going through the motions and simply trying to get a letter grade that satisfied my parents and the CP requirement for the school. I always thought that when people would preach “do not miss school or take shortcuts because you only cheat yourself out of your education” was so corny. Now that I have completed my first year in college I understand that my mentality was a big mistake and could have struggled much less if I had a better understanding of literature when I first got taught. Maybe a year ago I would not have seen myself writing at a higher level where I can make sense of whatever topic I need to address.
Reflecting on my progress this year is immense as I barely grasped an idea of how to write an essay or write properly. In English 5B plenty of the material was blurry to me but now I have seen how some things we have learned in the class are important. The key components that I felt that 5B lead to in succeeding was, rhetorical analysis, the writing process, and researching. From my experience I believe that the importance the way I have used them and developed from them, and demonstrated in examples.
Rhetoric and Rhetorical analysis was one topic that I know we mentioned in the semester before and can say that I have mastered in this term. A paper or written work is nothing if it does not have rhetoric because that is…

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