Essay about Graduation Speech : My First Clue

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One month before my 10th birthday, my father picked me up from school. I was an after-school program kid, and we were still milling around the door to the cramped portable, hanging up backpacks and chatting with friends from other classes, when my name was called. That should have been my first clue that this would be a day of change. Both of my parents were in the Navy, and I was often one of the last few kids to go home. My second clue should have been when I saw my dad’s dusty, dented black Dodge sitting in front of the main office, steam swirling around the engine in the January chill as I waited for him to sign me out for the day. Such responsibilities as picking up the kids from school, making sure we had clothes laid out for the next day, and other day to day activities were my mother’s domain. My socks always matched, and my folder was always in my backpack, ready by the kitchen door each night before bed. Even at *almost* 10 years old, I knew my routine, and I knew that we always went left onto Kingsley to get home from school. As we turned right, the sleepy little gears in my head jammed themselves into a question mark. The short drive was silent; myself at this point too disoriented to begin to formulate a question, and my dad, I’m sure, too stressed to attempt his typical wisecracking banter. We rounded the corner and a sprawling complex of Spring raincloud grey buildings came into view, with them a gleaming red truck that stood out like a sore thumb. “Oh!…

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