Graduation Speech : My First Class At The End Of My Senior Year

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Four Classes in Four Years Throughout high school, I was “stuck”, per se, in four classes that would change the way I looked at everything around me. Yes, it might sound corny, but eight tables later, twenty four chairs later, and a certificate at the end of my senior year, I finally understood why there classes were so important to me, and in the end, some of the material that I learned in the classes was beneficial and I will continue to use it throughout the rest of my life. There I was, a short (4’11”) and chubby freshman entering high school, giddy because I finally got to this stage in my life, and motivated because I wanted to do well. My first class happened to be Food and Nutrition 1, with Mrs. Wilmot, who looked like the kind of person who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but my opinion of her would change as I progressed through high school. The classroom itself wasn’t anything special; eight tables and twenty four chairs, it was what was over in the other part of the room that made it so unique in comparison to the rest of the school. 6 cooking stations, with state of the art equipment. Silverware so shiny and clean, that it was basically a mirror. The class itself was something I was looking forward to, cooking. I had never cooked, apart from the time I nearly burnt my home down trying to make scrambled eggs. Yes, it wasn’t anything advanced, such as Quiche, Chicken Provençal or even whole cakes, but snacking never became an issue ever again. Biscuits, cookies and wraps…

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