Essay Graduation Speech : My Favourite Experience

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Yes, I’ve been fortunate enough to have served in a variety of ministries such as a seniors day program, Church choir, respite camps, Best Buddies and so forth. I find working with the SENACA seniors day program to be my favourite experience. This program entails a wide range of responsibilities and duties. Some days it might be doing tasks like cleaning or taking out the trash, while on other days it’s more focused on planning and doing activities with the senior clients. It’s an absolutely incredible environment, they really do live up to their motto of “caring like a family”. Whenever I go in, both the clients and the staff are always smiling and making the best of things. Even during stressful or busy days, everyone keeps an upbeat attitude. Moreover, challenges are an inevitable part of any type of work. The biggest challenges I face with SENACA is participating in large group discussions or presenting. I’m a rather shy and quiet person so whenever I’m required to present or participate in group discussions, I do find it to be rather challenging. However, everyone there is super friendly and kind. Many of them used to be teachers and understand the difficulties I have. They usually give me advice and encouragement, constantly reminding me that the only way I’ll be able to get better is by getting practice. They are such a fun-loving crowd and I’ve honestly learned a great deal from them. Not only have I learned about commitments and hard-work, but I’ve also learned…

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