Essay about Graduation Speech : My Family

1375 Words Feb 9th, 2016 null Page
I shook hands with my high school principal, received my diploma, and walked off stage. I turned and looked at my family, who were all clapping and cheering for me. My mom and dad were juggling my youngest sister. Next to them, my sisters were arguing over who could clap louder. My three brothers had grouped around my boyfriend, each vying for his attention. Out of my entire graduating class of twenty-six, my family was the largest. I received a lot of flak from my friends about my family especially whenever I had to babysit my siblings, but I always enjoyed getting to hang out with my siblings when my parents were gone. After the graduation ceremony was over, I went to a few graduation parties with my friends but returned home after a few hours to study. I walked in the door of my house and greeted my siblings. I noticed my mom and one of my brothers was gone, but I dismissed any worry. I changed into some comfy clothes and grabbed some leftovers, then I went back to my room to study. About twenty minutes into cell organelles, the phone rang. My dad answered it, then walked around the house and handed it to me. “Hey, Mom! What’s up?” “Well, I need you to do something for me. I just talked to your dad and he is packing up some clothes for me. I need you to grab a couple sets of clothes for Keath.” “What? Why? What happened?” “Your dad didn’t tell you? Keath and I are at the hospital. He has an infection and the doctors decided he needs to stay the…

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